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25 Years of Legal Experience 

When you're in need of legal expertise, look no further than the office of Bonnie D. Putterman.

We are 100% committed to helping our clients achieve the outcome they want. Using a meticulous approach and an in-depth knowledge of current case law, once you instruct us we will immediately start preparing your defense. Technical irregularities or a failure to follow procedure by the police in Egg Harbor Township, Mays Landing, NJ or Atlantic City, can all result in drunk driving charges being dropped, or the penalty being reduced. We scrutinize every aspect of your circumstances and can frequently identify the action needed for a successful solution.

Robust Driving Under the Influence (DUI) When Needed

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Do you need expert legal assistance from a lawyer that has a strong track record in defending clients against everything from domestic violence charges to theft? We offer supportive, comprehensive legal advice at every stage of the judicial process. Whether you've just been arrested or are already part way through the system but aren't satisfied with the level of legal care you've been receiving, our team has the skills and knowledge to fight on your behalf.

Experienced Criminal Attorney Serving Atlantic County and Cape May County

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Constructing a Solid Defense Is What We Do Best

Having been in practice for more than two decades, we've plenty of knowledge and experience regarding the creation of a strong defense. We understand that being accused of a crime and the subsequent judicial processes are always traumatic for the defendant, regardless of the eventual outcome of the case. In addition to high-caliber legal advice, we also provide a sympathetic ear to all our clients, helping them to deal with the inevitable emotional strain which a court case brings.

Theft Defense for Mays Landing (Hamilton Township), Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic City Residents

We're easily accessible to people who live and work locally, so if you're looking for affordable, strong legal aid, we're here to help. For a consultation or further information, call us now at (609) 625-8383 or (609) 625-8383.

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