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From our years of experience in the legal arena, we understand that our clients want a lawyer that's going to be proactive in putting forward their case. We defend every client robustly, arguing strongly in their favor and aggressively fighting in their corner. Our legal team is eloquent in the court room and fanatical about detailed case building, ensuring that your defense or other legal assistance stands every chance of success.

25 years trial experience.


Conflict public defender in 3 municipalities.


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We have successfully defended our clients with aggressive representation.

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Why You Need a Local Criminal Attorney in Mays Landing, NJ

When you need a lawyer, there are obviously a number of different factors to take into consideration when deciding which one is right for your needs: do they have experience in the type of problem you're experiencing? Are they located near enough to make multiple visits viable? Are they well established with a strong track record in successful legal counsel? Will you enjoy a sympathetic, supportive service from a skilled legal professional who's always on your side? As a local law firm that's been around for decades, we're ideally placed to help you with criminal matters.

Great representation in Mays Landing, NJ and surrounding areas.



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Proud to Serve the Local Community in Mays Landing, NJ

We've been a fixture in the local area for some years now and are delighted to be of service to people who live and work near us. Our sympathetic, supportive approach provides real relief to clients who are struggling with the criminal justice system. If you’re facing criminal charges, call us now at (609) 625-8383 or (609) 625-8383 for a FREE consultation and further discussion of how we can assist.