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Domestic Violence Criminal Attorney

We know that, particularly in domestic violence cases, the evidence for and against the defendant is rarely clear cut. Our approach is always to gather as much information as possible regarding the incident, including background information which can often swing a case in the defense's favor. By speaking with witnesses as soon as possible after the event, we can frequently discover additional facts which might be forgotten if there is a delay in appointing an appropriate legal team. Don't leave it until it’s too late! We can start working on your theft defense or similar legal issues as soon as you need us to.

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Find a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney Here in Atlantic City, NJ

and Atlantic County

As a locally-based legal firm that's been operating in the area for more than two decades, we're ideally placed to provide the high-grade legal assistance you need. When you've been accused of an illegal act, prompt legal counsel is essential to ensure you don't make things any worse! Once you instruct us to begin working on your case, we'll provide immediate assistance ensuring that everything is quickly put in place to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

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Even if you're guilty of the charges brought against you, the court process is still an emotionally draining one. Cases often take unexpected twists and turns, which can be enormously stressful for the defendant. Our aim is to provide a supportive, sympathetic service that enables our clients to progress through the system with as little emotional hardship as possible

We Explain As Well As Advise

Judicial processes and legal pathways are notoriously complex, making them enormously intimidating for lay people to negotiate. We've got your back at every stage of the proceedings, explaining in clear language what happens next, possible outcomes and suggested legal avenues. If you're located in or around Atlantic City and have a pressing legal matter which needs expert attention, call us now at (609) 625-8383 or (609) 463-0060 for a FREE consultation.